Log Cabin Press is an  independent publishing company located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.    We specialize in Canadian history non-fiction books and periodicals.

Our first book title — Fingerprints Through Time:  A History of the Guelph Police — was published in December 2009.  Copies are available at the Bookshelf or by contacting the publisher.

Other book titles:

80 for 80:  Eighty Years of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Kayla Jonas Galvin, Editor (2013)

Barns and Coach Houses of Guelph,  by Evelyn Bird (2013)



The Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice

To subscribe, contact the Canadian Association of Midwives at admin[at]canadianmidwives.org

Archived back issues available at cjmrp.ca


Books in Production:

Historic Town Halls of Ontario, by Leanne Piper (expected 2016)


Contact Information:

Email:  info[at]logcabinpress.ca

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